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“fhuture” seminar presentation: Tactics for the style of digitization in regions.How prosperous the digital transformation of regions exactly where many numerous interests need to be involved? In keeping Geographer David Sossna by the Institute for Process Management and Digital Transformation (IPD) of our university on 12 November a solar energy efficiently.On Wednesday (Nov. 11) provides a lecture Dr. John Significantly less in an online lecture on solar battery systems – at the invitation on the Institute for Optical Technologies (IOT) of our university.Experiments out on the box: Projektwerkstattder physics engineers for freshmen.In the project workshop freshmen need to collect the physics engineering sensible expertise: You get a box of elements and will need to independently experiment with them.Divided society: FH-scientist currently as an professional in speak show on 3sat.Social divisions are rising – involving young and old, urban and rural, Analog and Digital. The trenches are having larger. How can you counteract split? This topic is committed to the science speak show Scobel now (November five) from 21 am. Guest: Prof. Dr. Friedericke Hardering in the Division of Social Function.

A stress point to terrific effect.He looks like a human head, but is produced in 3D printer: the Atlas pulse simulator by Corinna David and Janina Leusmann. With practice his doctors Atlas therapy.Founding week begins on November 9: Registrations are still achievable.Who desires to begin, has numerous concerns – to finance, the business idea of home rights. Answers supply the 50 seminars, workshops and events of your start-up week. This is from 9 to 13 of November: partly in presence, partly on the net and together with the help of our university.Digital knowledge evening for postgraduate Master in Management and Industrial Engineering.Within a digital information evening on 12 November, the Institute of Technical Small business Administration (ITB) in front of his next-forming master’s program in management and industrial engineering.Foretaste of tomorrow: German Sensoriktag with record participation.The German Sensoriktag was streamed with record participation from an auditorium of our university. Prof. Dr. Guido Ritter moderated the meeting.”Interestingly, unlike” Public Library trainees shadowed in Steinfurter region library.Literature instead of fantasy novel, textbooks as opposed to picture books: Actually, Jasmine Kröger trainees at the public library Steinfurt, but now she has shadowed a week within the area of ??library on the Steinfurt campus of our university – towards the other side of librarianship know.Online meeting from the alumni network within the genuine estate and facility management on four November.On November 4, the on the internet session of your alumni network is in actual estate and facility management as an alternative. Those who desire to attend can register till November three.