A study in the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences is mostly to scientifically founded social and socio-political concerns, particularly in Germany but in addition in other European and non-European psychology capstone comparison, deal.Trying to the future locations of perform of our graduates that are characterized by coping with folks, it goes into its programs in applied social sciences also for the acquisition of technical expertise and necessary, social perform (methodological) abilities, but additionally obtaining for the vital examination with one’s own particular person and an accompanying character improvement. Together each allow a required in expert expert relationship with the individuals encountered by our graduates in practice.

admission of new students within the winter semester 2020/21.inside who prefer to start out within the winter semester 2020/21 research in the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences Information for prospective students and applicants *. Extra.Introduction days for Erstsemesterstudierende.You commence within the winter semester of study at the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences? We present particular introductory days to study start out. Additional.Degree Check Social Work.To discover whether the study plus the profession of social work is the suitable decision for you personally? The over the internet degree program check social operate at the Technical University of Cologne supports you in creating decisions.Team teaching and finding out.The group Academic Affairs is about providing a central facility https://www.osu.edu/departments/index.php?/dept/Bookstores with the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences, the administrative and conceptual help services for students and teachers for the bachelor and master applications from the faculty. Additional.Welcome for the Technical University of Cologne.We’re pleased that you have chosen to study at the Technical University of Cologne – and want you a great commence and significantly results in your research! Alot more.

Our courses.At the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences, it is possible to Social Operate (B.A.) and capstonepaper net pedagogy of childhood and family members education (B.A.) students. As a Master’s degree programs, the faculty offers assistance and representation in social law (M.A.), education and management in social work (M.A.) and aspect action-oriented media education (M.A.) to. More.Studying with chronic illness and disability.Welcome towards the webpage for any barrier-free studies in the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences. Here we have for you knowledge that may perhaps be relevant to your research using a disability or chronic disease of interest. A lot more.Our course catalogs.about our lectures, seminars and other events you’ll be able to discover all details in UnivIS, the information program of the Technical University of Cologne. Please initial choose the semester just before choosing amongst teaching, course catalogs, courses inside the faculties, 01 Faculty of Applied Social Sciences the desired degree plan.Learning, research and aid shape.That’s the motto of our teaching and studying culture which is characterized by a generalist and interdisciplinary education in all courses, close connection between investigation and practice (teaching research, practice research), high service and consulting guidance for individual study style, fantastic attention to project orientation and new forms of studying. A lot more.Social Function plus – A achieve in assistance.Would you like a little alot more? Occasionally students need to have bargains beyond the normal classes. Social Perform plus provides more courses to complement and to deepen the study content material. We also supply events that should assistance you inside your studies. All our events are voluntary, graded and non-creditiert. Even more.Looking for areas für’s self-study?You should operate outside of classes alone or in groups? We have appropriate premises. The automatic plan is integral component of scientific understanding. to operate in self-organized workshop groups, one of the essential procedures of a number of university didactic formats. Alot more.E-Learning – offers the faculty.Web-based Mastering Management Program (LMS) allow temporal and spatial flexibility of traditional classroom teaching and have grow to be a all-natural part of each and every module in all courses at the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences. A lot more.